Boatasy GHOOK

For clean, safe and easy mooring


GHOOK has been developed in order to help crew during transfer of mooring line. It is providing an easy and clean mooring line transfer. No more dirty hands, no more cuts and no more mud on the deck! While holding the rope instead of a crew, its wide rotating wheel effectively and fastly moves even the most overgrown mooring lines – without even touching the hands or the deck. G-shaped hook will become your new crew member that does all the dirty job! - Using GHOOK the mooring line won’t touch hull, deck, fenders or your hands. Transfering the mooring line with GHOOK is the cleanest transfer ever. - GHOOK is designed to be used with one hand only. - GHOOK enables transfer of the mooring line without even touching it. Keep your hands clean and forget about cuts and scratches. -Enables 3x faster mooring

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