2D Robot welding table jigs fixtures platform DONGGUAN SANWEI FLEXIBLE AUTOMATIC EQUIPMENT CO., LTD


Sanwei good welding table is a new type of advanced and flexible process equipment with an integration of welding, assembling and inspection. it has the same applicability as 3D flexible and modular welding table. Thanks to the board with it to hang available tools, things can be quickly picked and put, which can improve the work efficiency of 50% -80% compared with traditional welding table. use with standard 3D clamping fixtures during positioning processing leads your work to be simple and easier. The surface flatness up to 0.05/1000mm while hardness up to 38-45HRC, which allow it used as a product inspection platform. Meanwhile, accurate positioning, convenient disassembly and high applicability, it also provides a standardized, green, and new concept in welding line, completely changes the face of traditional welding workshop. It is welder's best useful friends, a symbol of environment- friendly and provides a strong guarantee for the company's 7s work.

Steels and metals - welding and brazing
welding machine -  welding table -  clamp - 
A3 Yihang Industrial Park, Wanjiang District, Dongguan, China 523000 Dongguan
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