4 M high quality floating ball water trough for cows/cattle
Electronic-Heated water trough for cattles,Cow,horse  -  YUTIAN FUTAI INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD.

1100.00$  TTC


(1)Specifications: 1. Size: 400cm * 61cm * 72cm, 2. drinking height :61cm, 3. Weight:138KG, 4. Volume:300L 5. For 150 heads cattle drinking 6. polyethylene heat preservation material 7.can match with immersed electric heating plate(1600 W) 8.With cover (2)Advantages: Powerful polyethylene material, sturdy and durable, anti-acid, anti-corrosion, no poisonous, anti-quake, more than 30 years lifetime. The design is capable for heads of cattles for drinking. One standard set drinker is able to supply 150 heads. Temperature-protection design adjusting to low water level assure the cold water drinking in summer. Big volume adhered to high-speed water inputting value for timely drinking. Big discharging hole will wash away the left water, purities rapidly. Keep clean Plastic rolling formation in one time, seamless, dead ends, hard to adhere by microorganism. The patented water supply value is easily operated. Adjust water level any time, automatic

Drinking troughs
Polyethylene heat preservation cattle,cow,horse trough drinker -  Cow/cattle/horse drinking water trough -  Electronic-Heated water trough for cattles,Cow,horse - 

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