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Aerial Bundled Twisted Cables -  EMTA KABLO SAN. VE TIC. AS


PHASE CONDUCTORS Phase conductors made of aluminium wires are circular stranded, rounded and compacted with smooth circular surface. Our products are avaible 16 mm2 as solid, 25 to 70 mm2 7 wired; from 95 mm2 to onwards as 19 wired confirming TS 11654. MESSENGER (NEUTRAL) CONDUCTOR Bare, round, stranded and compacted aluminium alloy (294 N/mm2). INSULATION Phase conductors of Aerial Bundled Cables are insulated by black coloured PE or XLPE which are weather resistant. CORE IDENTIFICATION Phase conductors two, three and four longitudinal ridges, street lighting conductor without ridges. USAGE AREA & ADVANTAGES OF ABC SYSTEMS The usage of Aerial Bundled Cables in low voltage networks provides important saving in installation costs, while it ensures the same reliability and safety, replaces bare conductors in overhead distribution lines and increased very rapidly all around the world. Compared to the copper conductors aerial bundled cables are lighter and more economical.

Aluminium wires and cables
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