Acceraltion sensor AccTRANS4

Analogue vibration sensor for railway applications AccTRANS4


The safe operation of railway vehicles is one of the important application fields of AccTRANS4. It helps to protect trains from severe accidents caused by derailment. Typically the width of a train’s axle is not identic to the width of the railway track it is sitting in. This instance causes the axle to oscillate left and right. With the AccTRANS4 it is possible to measure this vibration which, if esceeding a certain level, might be the cause for derailment. The sensor puts out the respective sinusoidal analogue signal. This signal is fed into the controlling unit of the train which is able to initiate brake application to slow the train down. Features: • Measurement range ± 4g • Extremely robust stainless steel housing • Protection class IP68 • Wide supply voltage range from 70 up to 160 V Advantages: • Appropriate for use outside the Train • Direct connection to the on-board power supply • Conform to EN 50155 railway safety standard

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