Adjustable angle head FLEX D (manually adjustable)
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The newly developed swivel head FLEX D Classic Line offers a maximum input speed of 15.000 rpm while maintaining a smooth and low-vibration operation for excellent processing and cutting qualities. Another characteristic is the intuitive adjustment procedure for setting the output angle. The integrated, easy-to-read display reflects the spindle-axis angle with an accuracy of 0.10 of 1 degree (0.1°). The operator has the option to choose between the absolute or relative angle. For a comfortable and fast angle change the unit contains a reduction geared and backlash-free setting gearbox. A unique “combination” output connection allows for machining with drilling tools, router bits and saw blades. Furthermore, fewer interfering contours make the milling of profile slots for connecting systems of up to 15mm - even in the center of a workpiece - possible. The FLEX D swivel head is available for all machine brands.

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