Air Motors (Lubricated and Non-Lubricated)
Designed to thrive in harsher environments including hazardous & extreme ambient -  JUN-AIR / GAST GROUP LTD


Gast Lubricated Air Motors are designed to thrive in harsher environments such as hazardous and extreme ambient temperature locations. Their lubrication protects internal components and helps remove smaller particulate, which can evade filtration, while also providing heat dissipation benefits. Compact and portable in design, the wide range of motors are offered with variable operating speeds and power outputs which can be adjusted to meet the precise needs of your application. As well as being cost effective over electric motor controls, their air throttling and pressure control can be stalled or overloaded for long periods without damaging the motor. The non-lubricated corrosion resistant air motors by Gast are available in hub or foot mounting configurations and can operate in any position, providing complete system flexibility.

Air compressors
Gast Air Motors -  Air-powered Gear Motor - 
Unit 11, The IO Centre Nash road Redditch Worcestershire B98 7AS
United Kingdom
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