Animal pregnancy ultrasound scanner for horse,cattle,sheep
horse/cattle/sheep/pig pregnancy ultrasound scanner  -  YUTIAN FUTAI INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD.

2800.00$  TTC


Machine Parameters: -Scanning Model:Electronic Linear Array, Electronic Convex Array Frequency:2.0MHz-7.5MHz -Cine-loop: ≥400 frames -Image Storage:≥64 frame;non-volatile -Image Adjustment:Left/Right, Up/Down, Brightness, Contrast Ratio, Focus Position Image Processing:Pseudo-color, Image smoothing, Histogram and Gamma Correction Measurement:General Measurement: Distance, Perimeter, Area and Volume Obstetrics Measurement: BPD, FL, AC, HC, CRL,GA, LMP, gestational age , EDD. -Report: Automatically reports -Text: Date, Clock, Name, Gender, Age, Doctor, Hospital, Full-screen character editing -External Ports: Video Port, Mouse Port and USB2.0 Port -Battery Capacity:≥2200MAh

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horse portable prenant ultrasound scanner / cattle portable prenant ultrasound scanner -  sheep portable prenant ultrasound scanner /pig portable prenant ultrasound scanner -  horse pregnant ultrasound scanner -  sheep/pig pregnant ultrasound scanner - 

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