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Apex µ-Guard, premium safety and anti-mar fastener drive tools -  APEX TOOL GROUP GMBH


The Apex µ-Guard line of Covered Drive Tools is the tool of choice for enhancing operator safety in almost all leading assembly plants. Apex® µ-Guard ™ free-spinning covered drive tools increase operator safety by significantly reducing or eliminating pinch points when operators are wearing gloves. Apex µ-Guard provides a protective barrier between genuine Apex fastener tools and your finely finished workpiece, thereby delivering the proven Apex performance plus the best protection available against in-system damage. The free-spinning design provides maximum protection for polished and highly sensitive surfaces. Apex has solutions for all aspects of safety on an assembly line when it comes to fastener drive tools. In addition to our line of Covered Bits, Bit Holders, Sockets, Extensions, and Universal Swivel Wrenches, as well as µ-Guard Gap Covers to eliminate the gap between a socket and an extension or between the right-angle power tool and a socket / extension.

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