Battery-Driven Torque Multiplier for heavy duty vehicles
EA2-N Battery-Driven Torque Multiplier for heavy duty vehicles  -  ALKI TECHNIK GMBH


During development, we designed the battery-run torque multipliers for superb performance: Two 18V 5,2 Ah Lithium-Ion battery packs ensure up to 360 bolt joints in a row at maximum load*. The innovative, brushless, synchronous motor reliably attains the exact shut-off torque even at low battery levels. The alkitronic battery-powered torque wrenches are class leading regarding the power-to-weight ratio (Nm/kg) and therefore optimal tool handling. With two gears and a wide range of preset torques, the battery torque wrench alkitronic EA achieves and maintains mobility, flexibility, and efficiency while working. The fast gear for run down provides short fastening cycles; the power gear attains the highest torques and precision. Due to its compact design, the torque multiplier can be handled easily even in limited space.

Multipliers, speed

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