1.Summer cereals: A wide range of products of efficient crops with leading varieties of both animals and human consumption: Cereals without gluten, Sorghum, corns, sorghums by Sudan grass, etc. 2.Winter cereals: Each year we introduced new varieties of barley, soft and hard wheats, oats.... more productive and resistant to major pests or diseases and to changing environmental factors. Varieties: Oats (Forridena, Prevision, Rapidena). Barley (VariClamor, Devora, Garbo, Iranis, Azara, Doña Pepa), Wheat soft & durum (Alabanza, Anza, Bitacora, Bologna, Kilopond, Kumberi, Rudo, Trocadero, Arcobaleno, Gallareta, Molino, Pedroso, Valira, Vitron, Vitrosol, Vitric). Triticale (Forricale, Tritano, Titania).

Bedding plants, bulbs and seeds
cereals -  cereals and grains -  cereal seeders - 
Santiago Russinyol, 4 08750 Molins De Rei
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