Characterization TERRA NOSTRA GMBH


BIONEEM is a textile spray for protection against house dust mites in order to lower the allergen count to an acceptable level for allergy sufferers. It consists of an alcohol-based margosa extract formulation. It is applied to mattresses and other textile surfaces in which house dust mites might reside. Treating textiles with BIONEEM directly interferes with the life cycle of the house dust mites since it inhibits infestation by mites and the production of allergens for an extended period of time. In order to guarantee these biological effects, it was necessary to develop a special active substance formulation. We developed BIONEEM specifically for treating textiles and to ensure the simplest possible procedures. The solvent isopropyl alcohol “transports” the active substance quickly and deeply into the mattress with practically no change to the soiling behaviour of the fabric and allows use of the mattress to continue after only a short wait for the solvent to dry and...

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