Chili Pepper Olive Oil-Based Condiment
Authentic Chili Pepper Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil-Based Condiment Of Italy,  -  SMAF LTD


Our organic extra virgin olive oil can be flavored with the best herbs, fruits and spices from Calabria. The Chili Pepper flavored condiments based on olive oil prove to be really indispensable for creative cooking: an ingredient aimed at connoisseurs, for those who want to have the best, for those who want to have a special taste and a touch of fantasy to cooking. Calabria is, now, the source of 25% PRODUCTION OF ITALIAN OLIVE OIL; at the same time, among the top six olive oil of the world, two are Calabrian, and, commercially, Calabrian oil is sold to wholesalers who take this dense, robust Calabrian olive oil and mix it with that of other regions. Generally speaking, Calabrian olive oil is a very safe and HEALTHY FOOD for the every-day life, providing monounsaturated fats, which can naturally lower cholesterol and risk of heart disease.

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