Clutch Cover Assemblies -  WESTLAKE EUROPE


Castings for Pressure plates are produced in our own factory from high quality cast iron produced in accordance with the requirements of BS1452 and DIN1619. The material must be compact, devoid of blowholes and/or inclusions, crack free and uniform in hardness and texture. Cover pressings are produced using the most sophisticated press equipment available. Pressure Plates, Diaphragm Springs, Straps and all other components undergo strict analysis for chemical composition, tensile strength, hardness and microstructure. All components parts undergo rigorous inspection and measurement controls before entering the production areas. Diaphragm springs - Produced utilizing Japanese manufactured automatic heat treatment plant and computer tested against OE load specifications before assembly. Tests including clamp load, release load, pressure plate lift, finger height, stress and fatigue testing using the latest sophisticated test and inspection facilities.

Hoge Wei 3 1930 Zaventem
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