Couscous 25kg. Hard Wheat Thick Grain Couscous
Couscous in 25kg Kraft Bag -  MEDILIFE


People everywhere consider Couscous as an ambassador of North African cuisine and the epitome of the delicacy of Mediterranean culinary art. With its rich tradition, couscous remains one of the most attractive and mysterious dishes in the world. In America, couscous is typically regarded as a side dish, a starch sitting on the side of the plate. But in North Africa and the Middle East, it much more versatile and central to the meal. It can be served savory or sweet, and either alone or as a component of a larger dish. In North African countries, it is often accompanied by a meat or vegetable stew. Tunisians treasure a couscous dish served with a vegetable stew, typically a mix of root veggies and squashes.They, often add tomatoes to their couscous stews. In Libya, it is sometimes made with millet instead of semolina and most often served with lamb. Tunisians, meanwhile, like to liberally spice up their couscous with Harissa, and serve it with a brothy fish bouillabaisse.

Durum wheat
couscous -  25kg -  durum wheat - 
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