Cutting devices - Downhole Cutting Head
The latest technique for the abandonment of tubes in the Offshore area. -  ANT APPLIED NEW TECHNOLOGIES AG


For the abandonment of Offshore structures special legal requirements apply. Tubes have to be deconstructed under the seabed. This requires special technologies. Our Downhole Cutting Heads (DCHs) can be inserted into tubes and casings over an umbilical from the working platform. Arriving at the destination they clamp in the tubes and perform a 360 degrees cut which severs the tube underneath the seabed. The DCH is pulled out and afterwards the pulling of the tube is possible. Cuttings can be performed up to 150 m (500 ft) deep and pipe sizes between 7” and 72” diameter, whereby the wall thickness can be up to 20” thick. For every requirement we offer the appropriate DCH. By extensions nearly every kind of pipe/tubing/casing can be cut.

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