Dana Sweetened Condensed Milk
Fat Filled or Full Cream in Tins - 400 grmas or 1 Kg -  DANA DAIRY GROUP LTD.


Come to Dana Dairy for top quality, world-class sweetened condensed milk. We provide our SCM in tins of 400gr and 1kg sizes which guarantees long shelf life as well as product freshness and quality. We have all types of sweetened condensed milk to fit all your requirements. Our main SCM is made out of fresh cow milk both full cream or fat-filled. Full cream carries natural cow milk's fat (animal fat). For fat-filled, we use skimmed cow milk and replace the animal fat with vegetable fat. The product has many applications for health concerned products and markets. We can also provide you with sweetened condensed milk made from spray-dried milk powder. again in full cream whole milk and also fat-filled version. This product is intended from industrial and manufacturing applications. Dana Dairy is proud to provide you with top quality sweetened condensed milk, in packaging designed to best fit your requirements and market demand. Contact us for details and pricing

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