Demag Z Cylindrical-rotor motors
Strong motor output up to 45 kW - Demag Z Cylindrical-rotor motors -  DEMAG CRANES & COMPONENTS GMBH


The Z cylindrical-rotor motor series is a flexible model, capable of a variety of applications and industrial drive functions. The Z series has a motor output of up to 45kW, and inverter-fed drives that enable line-fed travel and uninterrupted operations. It also comes with software that adjusts drive requirements based on user-specified needs. The Z series is ideal for use with DEMAG gearboxes. They are suitable for a broad range of applications, offering outstanding performance: motor output up to 45 kW inverter-fed drives for travel applications, line-fed travel and continuous operation specially designed to match our range of gearboxes simple project engineering high drive efficiency software tools to calculate drive requirements according to specified physical characteristics at

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