Demonstration equipment for technical training
Engine test beds and demonstration engines for technical training -  WEINLICH GMBH & CO. KG


Modular equipments for technical training at engines under realistic operating conditions: under load at the engine dynamometer. Applications depending on scope of delivery: torque, power = f(speed), specific consumption sfc = f(speed, power) (gravimetric, selectable automatically). Above tests can be carried out in different ways: conventionally or supported by the test bed's MP Computer or with automatic documentation by directly printing or by PC thermal balance (PC required), real function of a transmission (automatic transmission only with PC), p-V-diagram (PC required). Functions of engine and engine control depending on the load may be demonstrated by using motor analysers, exhaust gas analysers and further measuring instruments. Model-specific error-switch boards are extending the demonstration varieties and are enabling a practical error diagnostics. Comparison of different engines under a certain aspect within one lesson.

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