Diesel Anti-Freeze
The flow improver for diesel fuel -  ERC ADDITIV GMBH


THE EFFECT Diesel fuel contains paraffin which promotes clean combustion and lubricates the fuel system components. At low temperatures, however, paraffin forms crystals. As the temperature falls, more and more crystals form and coalesce into lumps which then block the fuel lines and fuel filter. The active components in ERC Diesel Anti-Freeze „enclose“ the crystals, thus them from growing and coalescing with other crystals. In addition, ERC Diesel Anti-Freeze forms crystallization nuclei which encourage the formation of large numbers of small crystals that can then easily pass through the fuel filter. THE RESULT - Prevents the formation of large paraffin crystals - Enhances the reliability of diesel-engined vehicles in winter - Lowers the CFPP* as far -33°C (depending on the quality of the diesel fuel used) THE ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE - Keeps paraffin crystals small enough to pass through the fuel filter - Improves the low-temperature characteristics of all diesel fuels

Fuels, diesel
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