Diesel plus 1:500
The highly concentrated diesel additive with multifunctional active ingredients. -  ERC ADDITIV GMBH


THE EFFECT Fluctuating fuel grades can impair performance and fuel consumption. Coking at the injection nozzle increases fuel consumption. Diesel fuel contains paraffin which causes crystallization on cooling. If cold protection is inadequate this can lead to blockage of tubing and filters. Diesel plus-Winter improves the ignition behavior /cetane booster, cleans the injection nozzles and keeps them clean. Furthermore, it prevents the formation of large paraffin crystals and thus improves the operational reliability of diesel vehicles in winter. It contains a high-performance package for stabilization of ageing and oxidation. THE ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE: - Cetane booster: facilitates cold starting, improves power - Improves reliability of the diesel fuel under cold conditions – therefore indispensable in winter operation. - Cleans the fuel system and injection nozzles and keeps them clean – reduces fuel consumption

Fuels, diesel
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