Dispenser Rx Tablet Counter
Pill, Capsule and Tablet Counting and Filling Machine -  KING FILLING, CAPPING, COUNTING AND LABELLING MACHINES


Our Dispenser RX Tabletop Tablet and Capsule Counter is a fast, accurate and versatile counting machine suitable for multi-batch counting and off-line quality control checking and inventory auditing. Tablets or Capsules are fed from a bulk hopper onto a vibratory feeder tray which gently sorts and aligns the product into a single circular path in order to drop one at a time through a sensor array for counting then onwards through a diverter flap and funnel system into waiting containers. Every time a product passes the sensor the count value is update on the machines colour touchscreen display until the target count is reached. At the completion of the preset count, a flap diverts the next quantity of tablets to a pre-placed empty container so the filler container can be removed. Additional on-screen functions allow the operator to easily adjust the count value, vibration levels, batch quantities and other key settings.

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3000 Hillswood Drive Hillswood business park Chertsey Surrey KT16 ORS
United Kingdom
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