Dosimetric Detection simulator DosiCase
Dosimetric Detection Simulator for radiation awareness training -  NUMÉRITRADE


DosiCase® is the first real time dosimetric integration simulator using connected object wich reproduce radiocative sources and dosimeters monitored on Ipad DosiCase® is a standalone training tool that includes all the necessary materials to raise awareness among personnel at risk for radiation during mandatory trainings of nuclear industry. Using networked device interconnectivity, DosiCase® is equipped with personal dosimeters, gamma radiation emission sources and a radiation monitor. All these devices are controlled from a touch-screen tablet that allows you to configure maximum doses for each dosimeter and the dose rate for each source. During the training, the dosimeters react to the sources and display the integrated doses until an alarm is set off.

Industrial and technical training
dosimeters for nuclear engineering -  Dosimetric Detection simulator DosiCase -  Radiation radioactive Nuclear Awarness - 
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