Drum emptying system VISCOLFUX mobile S
Designed for use in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. -  FLUX-GERÄTE GMBH


VISCOFLUX mobile S is ideal for the gentle conveyance of high-viscosity, paste-like and non-free flowing materials, even from conical drums with aseptic bags. Industrial and Pharma Food Cosmetic versions are available - each for various drum diameters. Benefits: - For pumping demanding, high-viscosity media out of drums - Highly efficient drum emptying - High process safety - Mobile use - Low space requirement - Designed for use in hygienic areas - Easy cleaning - Gentle pumping of the media - For various types of drums and bundles - Easy to operate - Diverse control options

Goods handling systems, continuous
Drum emtying system -  For highly viscous fluids - 

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