Energy Saving Module - ESM
Energy Saving Module (ESM) - innovative and cost-saving -  KENDRION (VILLINGEN) GMBH


ESM for AC-brakes: The module consists of a time-controlled rectifier with integral electronic fast turn-off. During start-up, the ESM delivers bridge-rectified output voltage before changing over to half-wave rectification. The built-in voltage sensor ensures that the DC side output voltage is interrupted electronically when AC input voltage is removed. Thanks to its compact design, the ESM can be installed in very restricted space. ESM for DC-brakes: The module keeps the voltage supplied to the electromagnetic device at a constant level over a wide input voltage and temperature range. Full operating voltage is applied to ensure fast switching when the load is switched on. The module then reduces the power supply to constant holding voltage. A 30% reduction provides power savings of 50%. The ESM is very compact thanks to the use of state-of-the-art microelectronic and power electronic components. Overexcitation time and holding voltage can be factory-programmed to customer demands.

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