F60CL I.150.E GUN
ECB-s certified safes -  PARITET-K


Safes are grade I certified as per EN 1143-1 by ECB-s. Fire resistance 60 min. Certified for fire-resistance LFS60P according EN15659. Burglar-resistant system of relockers. Safe doors are equipped with strong FOUR-sided all active bolt locking system. Bolts Ø25 mm. Tempered high alloyed steel plates to protect locks and bolts from drilling and kicking out. Protective layer thickness – 72 mm. Dual BASF(Germany) thermal tape along the perimeter of the door to protect from fire. Standard color: black body with white door. Removable shelves, inner lockable box. Weapon storage layout option (*GUN model). Anchor holes for fixing to the floor.

Safes and vaults
gun safe - 
40-U, Glybochytska str. 04050 Kiev
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