FORMIGA P 110 Velocis
Compact-class system for a cost-efficient entry into Additive Manufacturing. -  EOS GMBH ELECTRO OPTICAL SYSTEMS


The most successful industrial 3D printer is now up to 20% more productive thanks to new software and hardware features. Maintaining high reliability and FORMIGA quality, which set the standard in the market. The system ensures reproducible part properties throughout the entire build volume: for every build job and for every machine. Parts are fully functional right after unpacking and depowdering. No further post-processing needed. The running costs are only consumed material and power. No hidden costs. No agents. With 9 commercial polymer materials and 10 combinations of materials/layer thicknesses, EOS is a benchmark in terms of material variety.

Plastics - industrial machinery and equipment
Plastiv laser sintering technology -  Additive Manufacturing -  3D Printing - 

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