FPDigit 16-139HE Baltoscope
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The FPDigit 16-139HE is high dynamic range x-ray detector. With a 16 Bit conversion and 139 μm² pixel pitch, this fl at panel will offer a frame rates up to 30 frames per second (2 x 2). The acqusition of image will be made by Gigabit Ethernet communication. The FPDigit has internal shielding up to 225kV; Electronics being outside of the detector active area, an additional external shielding of the electronics can be added for use above 225kV. Improved reliability in inspections, costs reductions and environment cares are today the major factors driving the selection of Radiographic techniques. Due to the progression of silicon technologies and the level of current electronics, signals processing and transfer are becoming effi cient and affordably priced to be used in NDT Industries. Flat panels are a combination of electronic and Silicon technologies which gives a direct conversion media for displaying Radiographic Images instead of using films. This helps in reducing exposure...

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