FTNIR and FTNIR process analyzers
at-line FTNIR and FTNIR process analyzers (Fourier Transform) -  AAVOS INTERNATIONAL


Proven reliable FTIR technology yields real-time analysis of both organic and inorganic compounds. Measures ambient toxic and pollutant gases with ppb to % level detection. A variety of user configurable alarms for instant warnings of toxic gas levels and system control. Capable of monitoring 28 components with up to 32 sampling points over a distance of 300 meters from the analyzer. Rapid response time – typically 20-200 seconds per stream. Configurable sample point selection control locally or by DCS. SpectraRTS™ operating software engineered exclusively for environmental monitoring – appropriate for development chemists, engineers and maintenance personnel.

Oil refining - installations and equipment
ftir -  ftnir -  analysis - 
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