Filter Cartridges for Industrial applications
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acuraPromelt is an absolute rated depth filter cartridge for high efficiency particulate removal from liquids. This cartridge offers exceptional performance, long service life and low pressure drop. Manufactured from 100% Polypropylene, acuraPromelt is completely free from glue and binders. acuraPure Nylon Filter cartridge for applications where PP is not suitable. acuraPEpro filter cartridges are manufactured from 100% Polyester and exhibit high temperature (up to 120°C) and chemical resistance. These cartridges provide outstanding performance in sidestream LTHW & MTHW circuits by removing scale, rust and sediment from hot water. All acuraPEpro filter cartridge come with an internal support core for additional strength in high temperature applications. FINEPleat GFP filter cartridges feature absolute rated glass fibre media with polyester support and drainage layers. Polyester construction provides thermal resistance up to 120°C and chemical resistance in fuel and chemical application

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