FireBird® (Battery powered blind rivet nut setting tool)
For flflexible, cable-free use on building sites and industrial production -  GESIPA® BLINDNIETTECHNIK GMBH


• Drill-on of the blind rivet nut with reduced torque and automatic switch-off • Triggering the setting process clearly separated from the drill-on action • Automatic drill-out function after the end of the setting process • Drill-off with high torque • Sturdy, compact and shockproof tool housing Ergonomics • Fatigue-free working through well balanced weight repartition and ergonomic grip • Easy stroke adjustment With Li-Ion energy • Battery with 1.3 Ah (standard) or power battery with 2.6 Ah as special accessory • No memory-effect • High energy yield due to high voltage • Low weight allows for extremely easy and fast operation • Extremely low self discharge • New battery shape allow the tool to be stored standing on its battery • Simple and safe drilling of the blind rivet nuts • Constant setting speed • Automatic switchover from setting to drilling • Fast and simple change system for threaded mandrels

Portable power tools
FireBird -  Gesipa -  Nut riveting tool - 

Product features

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