Flexible Magnetic Sheet
Plain brown manget -  FLEXIBLE MAGNET (CHINA) CO., LTD.


Flexible Magnet is made by high quality ferrite magnet powder and thermoplastics, This product is lead from using strontium ferrite. It do not contain any heavy metal or hazardous chemicals. This type of magnet has the best flexibility characteristics of any permanent magnetic materials. It can be easily folded and twisted without damaging the magnetic property of the magnet. It also has excellent machanibility and can be easily drilled, punched, scissor cut, knift cut and die cut. Dimension: Material is available in Isotropic and Anisotropic grade Material is available in cut sheets and rolls We can die cut the material to any shapes or sizes according to your requirement Length Width Thickness Isotropic Roll Srandard 15M/30M/60M 620MM/1000MM 0.4MM/0.5MM/0.75M Max. 500M 1200MM 0.3MM-3MM sheet Srandard 500MM/1000MM 620MM/1000MM 0.4MM/0.5MM/0.75M Anisotropic Roll Srandard 10MM/15MM 620MM/1000MM 1.0MM/1.5MM/2.0M sheet Srandard 10MM/15MM 620MM/1000MM 1.0MM/1.5MM/2.0M Customized dimensions are also available upon request Magnetic Property: MAGNETIC ENERGY REMANENCE COERFIVE FORCE INTRINSIC COERCIVE FORCE (BH)MAX BR HCB HCJ MGOE KJ/M3 KGS MT KOE KA/M KOE KA/M ISOTOPIC 0.45-0.72 4.0-6.0 1.5-1.8 150-180 1.2-1.5 95-115 1.9-2.1 150-159 ANISOTROPIC 1.2-1.7 10.1-13 2.2-2.6 220-260 2.0-2.3 170-180 2.4-3.5 190-280 Physical Properties: Working temperature: -15 o to 160 oF (-26o-70o C) Hardness: Shore D40 Multi-pole spacing: 12.7 poles per inch Flexibility: At 68 oF, can be coiled to a 1/2” (12.7mm) radius without cracking. Application: Fridge Magnet Magnetic Car Sign Shelf/File Labels Signage Manu Boards Stationary Educational aids Games/Toys Business Card And many more…

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Hong Kong
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