Flexible tank for liquid mineral fertilizers 50 m3
Flexible tank for liquid mineral fertilizers 50 m3 GidroBak -  GIDROBAK


Flexible tank tm GidroBak Economical and practical solution for storage of CAS ADVANTAGES: Mobility. Light weight and dimensions in an empty state. It is easy to move the container and install it in another place. Economical. The price of the container is much lower than similar products made of plastic or metal. Security. Possibility of easy assembly after seasonal operation and storage in a safe place. Practicality. It is installed on any convenient surface. Wear resistance. The flexible tank is made of special fabric, which is not susceptible to temperature changes, weather conditions and mechanical deformations. Reliability. Warranty 1 year. Specifications: Volume: 50,000 liters Width * Length (cm) - 580 * 950 Height in the filled state (cm) - 100 Diameter Input: 2 Inch. Diameter of output: 2 inches. Limitations: Do not fill the tank with alcohol, gasoline or other self-inflammable liquids.

Chemical fertilizers
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