Floating balls
Floating balls with a hollow core. -  ARUBIS


The manufacturing of industrial floating balls differs from the production of cleaning balls in such a way that these rubber balls are made with a hollow body, which allows the industrial balls to float. There are two types of floating balls and each have a specific function. Variety of compounds to fit your needs Custom sizes on demand High quality and long lifetime Plastic floating balls (Industrial polypropylene) Floating rubber balls are commonly used in chemical processing, mining and metal treatment applications. They have a metal core and provide a tight seal in any industry using water tubing valves. HDPE Balls (shade balls) These Arubis plastic floating rubber balls are commonly used in environmental processes. They are known to be an efficient way to deal with pollution control. The shade balls can be used to cover ponds, lagoons and basins to prevent exposure to UV light and prevent birds from landing. Arubis floating HDPE balls are resistant to all weather conditions...

Natural Rubber (NR) -  Neoprene (CR) -  Ethylene Propylene (EPDM) - 
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