Formed bellows as expansion joints in solar thermal energy
Thin-walled stainless steel expansion joints to connect solar panels -  MERA BELLOWS C/O ANSCHÜTZ VERWALTUNGS GMBH


Due to change in weather (wind, sun, snow...), pipe systems of solar thermal systems are subject to thermal expansion, to vibration, to make in short; various movements that have to be compensated in order to keep the system stable. Mera Bellows manufactures stainless steel expansion joints, formed from thin-walled seam-welded tubes, that are widely used for this scope of application.

Forming - steels and metals
Stainless steel expansion joints -  Stainless steel bellows for solar thermal energy -  hydroformed bellows as flexible connectors - 
Keltenpfad 6, 35745 Herborn
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