Four-sided planer mechanization NPF TECHPROMSERVICE, LLC


The four-sided planer mechanization is intended for maximum automation of dried lumber shaving process, thus allowing elimination of human factor. Fully automated line is controlled by only one operator. The line can have different configurations and be equipped with a lumber package stripping device, plank cross-cutting and division system, end product package formation unit. The line can operate at the rate of up to 150 meters per minutes. The four-sided planer mechanization includes the following equipment: 1. Transverse conveyor for lumber packages 2. Lumber package stripping device 3. Chain conveyor with individual feeding of lumber 4. Throughfeed end-trimming saw with shearing rollers 5. Belt conveyor for feeding the re-saw machine 6. Roller track with pull-off device 7. Conveyor with swinging bars for lumber packages 8. Acceleration module.

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