Rapid method for gluten quality testing (gluten aggregation behaviour) -  BRABENDER GMBH & CO. KG


Why is this important? - Gluten is responsible for the elasticity and extensibility characteristics of dough - Stretching and elastic properties of gluten give information about flour quality and the suitability for a given purpose - Recognition of drying and heat damage on flour and dry gluten What is the result? In a flour/water suspension, gluten is separated and aggregated by the mixing action. During this process, a gluten network is built and destroyed, visualized by an increase and decrease of a torque curve with a typical shape. Strong gluten shows short peak times with high peaks. Weak gluten shows late aggregation peak times with low peaks or even no peaks. What are the benefits? - Easy handling - Time-saving: Fast test execution (1-10min), detection of inappropriate material makes further tests redundant Material saving: Small sample size: ~3-10g, no production losses due to use of inappropriate material - Assurance of good flour and end product quality

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