Guard Kinetic
Optimises heating oil for operation in combined heat and power plants (CHPs) -  ERC ADDITIV GMBH


ERC Guard Kinetic supplements light heating oil with additional characteristics which optimise it for stationary engines and enables the operation of diesel CHPs with more affordable heating oil. THE EFFECT ERC Guard Kinetic was specially developed for combined heat and power plants and other stationary engines which can be operated with any type of less expensive heating oil instead of diesel. The exclusively formulated combination of active ingredients lends the heating oil the characteristics which it lacks for effective and gentle operation in diesel engines. ERC Guard Kinetic is suitable for all heating oil types with a bio share of up to 20% and improves the characteristics of standard diesel. The heating oil with additive is primarily used for combined heat and power plants, from the macro to the mini, to the future micro CHPs designed for individual homes.

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