Guard Thermic 3000 HP
Considerably slows the ageing process of heating oil and prevents sedimentation -  ERC ADDITIV GMBH


Guard Thermic 3000 HP slows the natural ageing of heating oil and keeps energy stores, pumps, burners, and lines clean for high efficiency and operational reliability. THE EFFECT The newly developed heating oil additive ERC Guard Thermic 3000 HP significantly slows the ageing process of heating oil and prevents sediments. Energy stores, pumps, burners and lines remain clean and the heating system operates with the highest efficiency and operational reliability. Consumption and harmful emissions are reduced with clean combustion. In addition, ERC Guard Thermic 3000 HP increases the thermal stability and the storage life of heating oil. Deposits which are already present are also dissolved. ERC Guard Thermic 3000 HP is formulated such that sediments are slowly dissolved in small quantities and burned with the heating oil without leading to faults in the heater.

Fuel oil

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