HDT/Vicat testing instrument - HDT/Vicat Allround
HDT/Vicat testing instrument - HDT/Vicat Allround -  ZWICKROELL GMBH & CO. KG


ZwickRoell`s HDT/ Vicat all round instruments have been designed in a manner that enables them to be convenient for testing in research and development, inwards checks of goods, monitoring of production and also in education and training. Versions with up to 6 testing stations can be made available. The instruments include measuring stations which can be lowered in an automatic manner and then there is the optional test-weight lowering. The optional re-cooling device is able to reduce the oil re-cooling time as a result of which high test-rates are a possibility. The advantages included here are that the tests possible to the standards of ISO 306, ASTM D 1525, ISO 75 and ASTM D 648. Key Advantages and Features: - Measuring station lowered automatically - Optionally available automatic test-weight lowering - Optional internal re-cooling device for rapid attainment of starting temperature - Testing to ISO 306, ASTM D1525, ISO 75 and ASTM D648.

Testing equipment
HDT Vicat -  iso 75 -  astm d1215 - 

Product features

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