Hydraulic Torque Wrench (AX)
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Applications - Hydraulic torque wrenches with two hydraulic hose system for tightening or loosening heavy bolt connections. - alkitronic AX convertible type torque wrench up to 49,240 Nm. Drive element with interchangeable hexagon link from 17 to 145 mm. Advantages - Simple handling and low weight. - Economic construction with few single components. - High efficiency with minimum maintenance requirements and low costs. - Hard-wearing, ergonomically shaped housing design, made of high strength aluminum alloy. - alkitronic AX: Highly flexible due to simple, fast changing of the hexagon links. Trouble-free without affecting the torque accuracy by lateral force. alkitronic hydraulic wrenches are outstandingly effective when heavy bolting connections with large threads need to be tightened with great force. They are specifically designed for restricted areas that are difficult to access.

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