Hydrogenation Plants
Hydrogenation plants made by EKATO - your fast lane to production -  EKATO RÜHR- UND MISCHTECHNIK GMBH


"EKATO specializes in the design and engineering of hydrogenation plant technology, reliable development of a production process, and the mechanical design of hydrogenation plant equipment. EKATO operates an Hydrogenation Test Center which has been designed to bridge the gap between bench-scale chemistry and commercial manufacturing. The flexible plant concept allows examining and optimizing your hydrogenation process with original raw materials under real operating conditions in pilot scale. The aim is to produce reliable test results for scale-up and development of a production process in an economical and timely fashion. Our engineering teams will apply the obtained knowledge for design of a full-scale hydrogenation plant which is tailored to your specific process requirements. Thus we pave the way for an efficient and risk mitigated investment in the new construction or the rebuilt of a hydrogenation plant."

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Hohe-Flum-Strasse 37, 79650 Schopfheim
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