Inclinometer AccIS100 dynamic

MEMS-based sensor for measuring inclination in dynamic processes


Novel MEMS-based sensor for measuring inclination in dynamic processes. Suitable for evaluation with μsensTOOL In the standard configuration, a low-pass filter is activated which suppresses interference and stabilizes the output signal. Low cut-off frequencies of the filter provide a high signal stability, but significantly delay the response time. An alternative to the low-pass filter is the sensor diffusion filter. Compared to the conventional low-pass filter, it offers a much faster response time with the same immunity to interferences. This functionality is achieved by combining the signal from the accelerator with the signal from a rotary encoder. Advantages: Extremely fast Freely scalable in a measuring range from ± -5 ° to ± 180 ° No external reference required Resistant to disturbing vibration High temperature stability Low cross-axis sensitivity

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