Inductive Linear Encoders
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LinTran™ - Inductive Linear Encoders - Non-contact, inductive linear encoders for accurate and reliable linear position sensing in harsh environments. - Non-contact technology for high reliability in extreme environments - 12 bit resolution; ±0.25% full scale linearity - Wide range of measurement ranges and output modes available Robust Linear Position Encoders for Extreme Environments Zettlex LinTran inductive linear encoders are non-contact absolute linear position measuring devices that utilise a unique inductive technique. Each linear encoder is comprised of two main components – a Target and a Stator. The Stator is longer than the Target, is powered with an electrical supply and can be moving or stationary. An electrical output from the Stator shows the position of the Target relative to the Stator. The Target has no electrical connections and can be moving or stationary ** Ask for a quote **

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