in-line detonation flame arrester, short-time burning proof KITO EFA-Det4-IIA-.. -  KITO ARMATUREN GMBH


For installation into pipes to the protection of vessels and components against stable detonation of flammable liquids and gases. Tested and approved as detonation flame arrester type 4. Approved for all substances of explosion groups IIA1 to IIA with a maximum experimental safe gap (MESG) > 0.9 mm. Bi-directionally working in pipes, whereby an operating pressure of 1.2 bar abs. and an operating temperature of 60 °C must not be exceeded. The installation of the detonation flame arrester into horizontal and vertical pipes is permissible. Provided with one or two temperature sensors (PT 100) the armature is certified against short time burning from one or both sides. If only one thermal sensor is attached, it must be installed into that part of the body from which a fire is expected.

Gas fittings
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