Micaceous Iron Oxide is a unique type of Hematite iron ore. -  ARIA DOLPHIN TRADERS(ADT CO.)


The Micaceous Hematite Iron Oxide Powder is a unique mineral and a very different from other grades of Iron Ore. The production of Micaceous Iron Oxide Powder is very limited in our country. Made using Micaceous Hematite, the Micaceous Iron Oxide Powder is a naturally occurring lamellar form of ferrous oxide for use in manufacturing paint coatings, the thin flake Micaceous Iron Oxide Powder particles appear as sharply defined red translucent platelets. Without doubt, the Micaceous Iron Oxide Powder is the most important barrier pigment used in coatings to protect structural steelworks from corrosion. The Micaceous Iron Oxide Powder has a 100-year record of successful use on many types of steel structures throughout the world. The MIO Powder reflects ultraviolet light, allows water vapor to escape from the substrate, and is chemically resistant.

Mineral oxides and peroxides
micaceous iron oxide -  MIO -  Iron Oxide - 
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