Petrol- and Fuel System Protector -  ERC ADDITIV GMBH


3-zones corrosion protection for safe wintering and seasonal shutdown of all vehicles, machinery and equipment powered by gasoline. - Extreme protection against corrosion - Cleaning of the fuel system - Stabilization of the fuel THE EFFECT: A selection of highly active substances with an excellent corrosion and aging protection, and detergent of a new generation for a clean fuel- and injection system. MPULSER 3-zones corrosion protection was tested in a corrosion test of practical relevance in terms of its stabilizing, anti-corrosive properties by the independent institute Tec4Fuels GmbH. The results were faced with 4 comparable market products. THE ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE: - Extreme protection against corrosion in the whole fuel system (in watergasoline- and gas- /air zone). Even with an existing water phase. - Cleaning of the fuel- and injector system – in consequence power recovery by the dissolution of formed deposits / combustion residues

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