Managing the Devolved Budget
Developing budgeting and financial management skills -  HB PUBLICATIONS AND TRAINING INTERNATIONAL


This book is one of a series entitled Essential Skills for the Public Sector. Ideal for any person in the public sector who manages a budget. It covers budgeting; preparing budgets; controlling and monitoring budgets; understanding financial information; financial management and financial responsibility. The book encourages self-development with the inclusion of skill based exercises, and practical self-assessment activities. The style is simple, easy to read, and accessible to staff at all levels within an organisation. Budgeting and managing budgets is one of the most important tasks of a public sector manager, particularly when budgets are constrained or reducing. This is an area of competency in which many public sector managers may have had no formal training. It is an ideal text to assist managers become more effective and efficient in budget management. It is also ideal for those studying public administration or wishing to gain employment in the public sector.

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