Tube Bending and Manipulation -  UKF STAINLESS LTD (THE UKF GROUP)


We provide our customers with the opportunity to get their materials processed before they even leave the warehouse – providing a leaner and more cost-effective manufacturing process. With large quantities of material stored on site, you’ll benefit from shorter lead times and better material availability compared to third party subcontractors. Thanks to recent investments, our manipulation service operates across two sites, equipped with several single and multi-stack benders and end-forming machines. Through these sites, we provide CNC and Press tube bending, end-forming and cruxiforming - providing the Group the capability to process and deliver orders faster than ever before. Our manipulation services are currently being employed within the automotive, domestic appliance and filtration industries.

Bending - steels and metals
Metal bending for tubes -  Shaping - steels and metals -  Pipes and tubes, stainless steel - 

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12 Buntsford Park Rd Bromsgrove B60 3DX
United Kingdom
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