Monitoring and control system NORIMOS 4 / AMCS / ship
Monitoring and control system NORIMOS 4 / AMCS / ship -  NORIS GROUP GMBH


NORIMOS 4 – The High Performance PLC-based Alarm, Monitoring and Control System The N4 is our alarm, monitoring and control system (AMCS) for highest demands in operating comfort, usability, flexibility and system availability and is based on our NORISYS 4 open automation platform. It is used to monitor and control ship technology, such as engines and other auxiliary systems. The N4 is a PLC (IEC 61131) based AMCS with decentrally placed subsystems. Each subsystem is operating independently with a high performance I/O CPU master and its slave units and is connected to the other subsystems. The system is based on extremely robust components, can be used flexibly and furthermore, it can be extended with a comprehensive package of standard functions on request: whether as a simple data acquisition system, alarm and monitoring system, with additional control functions for pumps, valves and fans, or even fuel level measurement or power management.

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